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Ronnie Montano Tells it how it Is

Ronnie Montano is regarded as the one of the best internet marketing gurus on earth. He has enabled thousands of people to achieve financial freedom. His methods are very simple yet incredibly powerful.


Some of Ronnie Montano’s basic money making principles are revealed below:

Work smart, not hard: Take a look at some of the most successful business people in the world. Carlos Helu, Warren Buffet, Lakshmi Mittal do not spend hours on mundane tasks like bookkeeping, scheduling, making presentations and so on. Instead, they utilize their time to plan the next big business move. These people work smart – they employ people or create systems to do all the dirty work for them! If you want to get out of the rat race, then you too must start thinking like the rich. Use your brain to set up a money making system instead of just getting an online job.

Strive for functional knowledge: OK, so you don’t know anything about programming, web designing, marketing, SEO and advertising. Can you still make money online? Ronnie Montano says that of course you can! You do not know how an automobile engine works – so does that mean that you cannot drive? Most people do not understand electricity in detail. However, they can still use it to illuminate a room and for operating electrical appliances. You have absolutely no clue about integrated circuits, computer hardware and software. Still, you do know how to use to a computer. The same principle holds true for making money online – it does not matter if you do not know how a certain program works as long as you can use it. Functional knowledge is enough to create an online income. Sure, you will have some advantages if you understand a certain concept in detail and you should definitely look to increase your knowledge. However, it takes many years to master any skill and the same holds true for internet marketing. So if you want to start making money immediately, feel free to use Ronnie Montano’s products – they enable average individuals to make a full time income from the internet.

Some of these products are listed below:

a) Easy Cash Code: Making money online for dummies!

b) Tube Cash Code: Make a fortune on youtube!

c) Commission Cash Code: Use the power of facbook to fill up your bank account!

d) My Binary Recoded: Learn about binary options; this is one of the most coveted skills in the world. My Binary Recoded can guarantee success 98 times out of 100. You can use it to create wealth within minutes!

e) Mobile Cash Code: Make a killing with mobile marketing!

Earning online is not an escape from reality: Most people have totally deluded impressions about earning an income from the web. They feel that the internet is some sort of magical money making machine. This attitude is perfect if you want to go bankrupt. However, if you want to transform your financial situation, then you must be willing to acquire new skills and to invest at least some time and resources. Ronnie’s products will do the bulk of the work for you and his training will provide you with all the information that you need. Still, your success is totally dependent upon your actions. The best part about the internet is that it grants you full value for the work that you do – but you still have to put in effort!

For more information on Ronnie, check him out on these sites:

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Automobiles are the most lucrative item that you can trade on craigslist. One car sale usually generates about $500 to $1000 in profit – the margin can be significantly higher is you know how to bargain hard and understand vehicles. Many people are absolutely making a killing buying and selling cars on craigslist and here is how you too can do the same.

Keep these 6 things in mind:

  1. You need to have a mechanical inclination if you are even remotely serious about making money trading automobiles. Otherwise, you will simply get ripped off or end up with a piece of junk that is absolutely useless. If you don’t already know about cars, start learning. Go to car shows, hang out with car guys, find a mentor – you may have good marketing skills; someone may have good knowledge about cars – you can forge a profitable partnership with such a person.
  2. Have a fixed budget: Don’t buy with your heart, use your head instead. You will come across fancy cars that you will like a lot. However, always remember that you are not in it for the cars – you primary objective is to make money. Don’t borrow money to buy cars that are way over your budget – you will get into trouble if you don’t turn a profit on that deal.
  3. Look for cars that are slightly above your budget and ask the seller to come down to your price. Explain respectfully that you are on a tight budget and you really like/need the car. People will drop the price if you ask nicely and gain their sympathy instead of giving them attitude.
  4. Gather as much information about an automobile before actually paying the owner a visit. This will help you to determine whether the car is even worth taking a look at. Ultimately, you will save a lot of time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on visits to cars that do not match your requirements.
  5. Never buy a car that you haven’t personally seen, unless it is from a trusted source. When you do go over to have a look at the automobile, check the underside for rusts and leaks. Some cars do not start easily so their owners �warm them up’ just before your arrival – ideally, the car should start even when the hood is cold. Check the engine noise, does it rev smoothly? Are the breaks working well? Check out the bodywork for signs of accidents. Make sure that the gears fall into place smoothly. Take the car for a test drive and don’t hesitate to ask questions. An honest seller/dealer will tell you everything about the car’s service history and the amount of work it needs.
  6. After buying a car, give it a thorough cleaning. Sometimes, just doing this can make a car appear much smarter and valuable. Power wash the engine and touch up the body work. It is totally up to you how much time and money you invest in restoring the vehicle. Your knowledge of automobiles will be put to the test here.

Make sure to Take pictures of the car in good lighting and put up a compelling ad on craigslist. Be as accurate as possible and be ready for people to offer you less than what you ask for. However, remain firm upon the price and only go down if you can really afford do. The key to winning bargains is to remain humble!  Always ask for the money in cash! Cash is king!  Now go out there and make some money!

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Landing Page Examples

Landing Pages are one of the most essential components of an effective marketing strategy. Often, these pages are also known as squeeze pages as this is where you ‘squeeze out’ the essential bits of information (usually name and email) from your visitors. A landing page decides whether a visitor becomes a customer or simply leaves your website – never to come back.

Below are 5 tried and tested landing page success tips. These tips will help to achieve a much better conversion rate.


1) Establish credibility: This should be your top priority. Ideally, you should do this even before the visitor ends up on your landing page. You do not have to extol all of your virtues in detail. However, just one line is enough to establish very strong credibility if it is delivered right. People are much more receptive once they know that you are an authority on the concerned topic. This is where your branding skills will be put to the test.

2) Give away a free report or an eBook: Free trials, free reports, and free samples, free information all work wonderfully well. The word ‘free’ still remains very powerful, even though it is being overused a lot by marketers. Make sure to enlist all the benefits of the eBook or the report or whatever it is that you intend to give away. How will that particular book or report help the visitor? What will the visitor be able to accomplish after reading that eBook? Also, make sure that whatever you are providing for free is truly appreciable as this ultimately determines whether the subscriber chooses to buy your product or not.

3) Be Professional: Write a landing page as if it were a sales presentation. However, be direct and don’t beat around the bush too much. Don’t distract the visitor with too many other links. Make it simple, straight and concise. The customer should not have to spend half an hour on your landing page. You must be able to convey everything you need to – within a matter of a few minutes. Also, don’t ask for too much at this point. Most people will not fill out a form that has 15 different fields!

4) Build Trust: Don’t hesitate to mention that all the visitors’ information will be kept private. Do mention that you don’t spam. Reviews, testimonials reinforce your brand and make you more desirable. If other people are experiencing good results with you, then you must indeed be good!

5) What’s in it for the customer? If you forget everything else that you read on this page, just remember to ask yourself one question �What’s in it for the customer?’ This simple question is the most potent marketing tool that you will ever have access to and best of all – it’s free! Why should a visitor give you his or her contact details when the internet is full of obnoxious scam artists who spam incessantly and sell your information to other dubious companies? Are you credible? Are you trustworthy? Are you providing genuine value? Are you desirable? Are other people saying good things about you? Do you have an irresistible offer?

Stop treating landing pages as an isolated item. They are just an extension of your website and their success depends upon a lot of other factors such as your branding, design, presentation and a lot more.

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Outsourcing Made Easy

A virtual assistant is a self-employed individual, who helps people to manage their businesses better by taking care of the administrative, technical and/or creative aspects. Virtual assistants work remotely from a home office and all communication takes place via phone, Skype or email. A VA can be a major asset to your business as outsourcing reduces your work load and leaves you with free time to plan business development strategies or to simply be with your loved ones. Mentioned below are some of the greatest benefits of having a virtual assistant:

Virtual assistants are independent contractors. They are not your employees and thus you do not have to worry about their taxes, insurance, benefits and so on.  Since a VA works from a remote office, you do not have to rent out a separate office space. You also save on office furniture and other maintenance expenses.  You are not obligated to provide full time work to your VA. In fact, almost all VA’s work for multiple clients. Thus, hiring one is the perfect option if you need assistance intermittently or for just a short period of time.

You can hire a very skilled VA at very affordable prices.   Outsourcing helps to improve your business’s productivity and makes it more competitive.  Hiring a VA enables you to have more time on your hands – time is money. Having more time also enables you to strike a better balance between work and leisure.

Here are some of the top things that you can outsource to a VA.

1) Bookkeeping: This is one of the easiest aspects of managing a business. However, it can be quite time consuming and thus it makes a lot of sense to outsource it. You will need to share your bookkeeping system with your VA and this involves creating a login ID and a password.

2) Research: You can ask your virtual assistant to research new trends in your line of business and create reports for you to study and implement in your business strategy.

3) Data Entry: this field is pretty much self explanatory.

4) Creating Presentations: You can hand over unprocessed data to your VA and request him/her to make it presentable to others.

5) Managing emails: Automated responses work only in certain situations and businesses often need real people to manage emails. You can ask your VA to filter your most important emails and to answer all the others on your behalf.

6) Managing Social Media: This takes considerable time and effort as social media is continuously evolving. You need to stay in touch with all the latest events and post relevant content to ensure that your followers remain engaged. Many business owners have absolutely no clue about managing social media. Thus, this is a perfect task to outsource to a VA. You can also request your VA to organize events, send invitations, send thank you messages etc.

7) Creating and proofreading content: Content creation and proofreading is a vital aspect of developing a strong online presence but it is also very tedious – no wonder most people outsource it. A VA can also help you to create ads and to sell products on ebay, craigslist and other similar platforms.

Odesk, elance and freelancer are some of the best places to hire a virtual assistant.

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The Basics of Facebook Ads


As of 2013, facebook has around 1.2 billion active users and this is indicative of its tremendous monetization potential. Facebook marketing is definitely a skill that you must acquire as you will benefit immensely from it.

First of all, let us understand how facebook advertising is different from advertising on Google.

People go to Google to look for answers to their questions. They are actively searching for a solution to a problem. So they are already mentally prepared to buy. However, this is not the case with facebook. People log on to facebook to socialize – they are not looking to buy anything; they simply want to chat with friends, look at pictures and just relax. Thus, if you want to sell through facebook, then your ad must be much louder and more irresistible than a Google ad. It should be good enough to make people want to click even though they are not actively looking to buy! This is the most challenging aspect of facebook marketing. However, this does not mean that it is extremely hard or impossible to sell through facebook ads. In fact, you can do very well on facebook as long as you follow the four principles mentioned below:

Your ads must be relevant: This is the basis of any successful ad campaign. You have to make sure that your ads reach the right people. Note that most people on facebook are young adults and school and college students. Take time to learn about their likes and dislikes. How can you help your customers if you don’t know who they are and what they want?

Your ads must feature catchy images: OK, most Google ads feature only text and still Google Adwords is the number one Pay per Click affiliate marketing program on the web. So why bother with images on facebook? Well, people respond better to ads that contain images. Which ad are you more likely to click on – one featuring just the text �Buy cool T-shirts starting from $5’ or an ad that has text and a picture of brightly colored T-shirts with wacky designs?

Your ads must contain a compelling Call to Action: Your ad should be compelling enough to distract people from whatever they are doing – it must appeal to their curiosity. Here is a simple example: Imagine that you want people to buy HP laptops. You come up with an ad that goes something like this �Buy HP Laptops now – discounts on all models – get free home delivery’. This is a good ad but it can be great if it says something like �Buy latest HP Laptops! GUARANTEED Discounts – Pay in EMIs– FREE Shipping! The second ad does not differ much from the first one in terms of the actual content. It just stands out more & creates more excitement and makes the product more accessible.

Your ads must provide a valuable proposition: You have a good product but that just is not enough to attract people’s attention. People are exposed to thousands of ads each day and thus they do not pay heed unless you are offering a truly valuable deal. Do you provide free shipping? Does the product have a money back guarantee? Do you offer any other incentives such as coupons, gift vouchers? Make it difficult for people to ignore your ad.

Keep experimenting and learn from your competitors!

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Facebook Traffic

Facebook is a fantastic tool for connecting with your friends. It is also great for wasting your time. So don’t be surprised if it becomes responsible for a decrease in the overall productivity of the world! There are close to 1.2 billion active users on facebook. That’s more than 1/6th of the entire earth’s population! In future, this figure will only go up – more and more people will become addicted to facebook. You too can spend hours ogling at your friends’ photos or instead, you can use facebook to make real money in the real world.

Here are 7 proven tips on using facebook to generate targeted traffic to your website.

1) Create an attractive facebook profile. Make sure that your profile reflects the values of your website and business. People often judge a person and a business based on just the appearance of their profiles so make it professional. Add a description of your business and a link to your website. Make sure that your profile ha a �follow’ button – people will perceive you to be of higher value and this will make you more desirable! (Strange huh?) Having a popular facebook page plays a significant role in improving your website’s rank in search engine results.

2) Connect with other people in your niche – even if they are your competitors! This enables you to expand your reach. You become visible to more people and on facebook – higher visibility equals to more followers.

3) Join groups in your niche: This too accomplishes the same purpose as tip 2. It also helps you to keep in touch with the latest trends in your line of business. Plus, you can keep a close watch at what your competitors are up to and learn from their failures/successes.

4) Be likable: Post interesting stories, pictures, facts! Get people to like your posts and share them. This is a very powerful tool for increasing the number of your followers and consequently, the number of visitors to your website. Imagine that you have just 10 friends/ followers. If you post an interesting story that is somewhat relevant to your business, then some of them will like and share your post. This allows you to reach out to their friends and also to friends of friends. This way, the number of your followers can increase exponentially within just a few hours! Also, getting people to like you is similar to having them subscribe to your website. In fact, it is much faster and less intrusive. Which one do you personally prefer – liking a page on facebook or giving out your email?

5) Facebook Ads: Facebook has a prolific marketplace – use it to sell your products and include links to your main website. You can also use paid methods of advertising to generate targeted traffic.

Now that you know the basics, let us go into a bit more detail. For you to have maximum impact on facebook, you must strive for a high �edgerank’. Edgerank is an algorithm developed by facebook. It determines whether your posts actually appear in peoples’ newsfeed or not. Edgerank is based on 3 main factors, namely –

  • Your affinity with your friends or followers.
  • Weight: Facebook considers that pictures and videos hold more �weight’ than simple text.
  • Decay: Content is at its most valuable when it is fresh. Latest stories receive a higher priority. Old stories lose value. Think news channel.

You now have a basic idea about edgerank – tweak and optimize your posts in accordance with the 3 factors mentioned above.

Do not forget to include a call to action in your posts. Give people a reason to click on the link. People see thousands of links every day. So what is so special about yours’?

Keep experimenting with new things. Did you know that you can customize your page to include an email opt in so that fans can subscribe to your website without even having to leave facebook?

Get started NOW at

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